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Zoo Admin
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Zoo Admin

While not very active Zoo Admin has been around since August of 2001 when Zoo Tycoon was in early beta testing. It was originally founded by a young beta tester named Joshua Oskirka. Below is a link to a capture of the original site listed on WayBack Machine.

In October of that same year Zoo Admin was obtained by the staff of the Ogresnet Network and added to a list of at the time very popular games such as:

    Half Life Fallout
    Halo Center
    Kingdoms of Azeroth
    Middle Earth Center
    Rise of Nations Oracle
    Through the Ages
    Total War Center
    Zoo Admin

Zoo Admin officially went online on the Ogresnet network on October 13th, 2001 at approximately 3AM. Zoo Tycoon was officially released in stores on October 17, 2001 just a short 3 days later.

Zoo Admin has had many incarnations over the years as can be seen through page captures at the Way Back Machine. But there is also a return of the original Ogresnet site which had a software conversion done from VBulletin to SMF when Ogresnet closed and the current admin obtained the site and the later incarnation after the Ogresnet Network closed in 2006.

Zoo Admin Archives - original October 2001 - 2006 Website.

Zoo Admin - 2006 - Present

Zoo Admin is also home to one of the largest downloads collections hosting approximately 3000 files for Zoo Tycoon & Zoo Tycoon 2 made by some of the most talented creators in the community at the time of their creation. The downloads sites each have their own home and can be reached with the links below:

Zoo Tycoon 1 Downloads

Zoo Tycoon 2 Downloads.

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