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Zoo Admin Celebrates 18 Years
« on: August 09, 50, 04:50:54 PM »
Zoo Admin existed on the internet before it became part of the Ogresnet Network. It was then owned by a young man named Joshua Oskirka. The oldest date for posting I can find on the Wayback Machine is from August 1st 2001. As with any site there is work that needs to be done before a web site goes live on the internet so I figure Zoo Admin was first created sometime in July of 2001 by Joshua during early beta stages of the game.

How Ogresnet came to be owners of the website is unknown but on October 13th at 3:06 am Jim "Red Phoenix" Chamberlin the then administrator announced in a post that Zoo Admin was now live on the Ogresnet Network.

For the whole month of October we will have a birthday celebration with a new download every day with special surprise downloads for both the 13th for the official ZA birthdate and on the 31st to celebrate Halloween before we move on to the Christmas season. I look forward to seeing any of you viewing this topic and hope you are members and able to pop in and say hello. The downloads will all be released at the Zoo Admin ZT1 Downloads site which now requires you to register to be able to download.

Zoo Admin
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