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Combining ZTD Files
« on: August 12, 55, 12:55:47 PM »
The question "How do I combine ZTD files into 1 ZTD so I don't go over the 350 file limit for Zoo Tycoon?" is a very frequently asked question. There are a few print tutorials that can be viewed on community forums but some people find them hard to follow. So with that in mind I took to Youtube and made a video tutorial I hope you will find easy to follow. It can be paused and then restarted as you move through all the steps to combine ZTD files.

This may seem like a long way to accomplish a combined file and it is, but I wanted to be sure I showed you all the steps. As you do more and more combined files you will find quicker shortcuts to use. I know I have but thought they would do more to confuse a beginner then to help so I did it the long way for the video.

I hope you enjoy watching and following and good luck with your file combining.
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