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New Files for ZT 1 / The Harry Potter Expansion
« Last post by Yellowrose on April 18, 2019, 08:49:37 AM »
Get your Harry Potter Fix

New files are now available

Harry Potter Expansion
New Files for ZT 1 / 2019 Valentine Collection
« Last post by Yellowrose on April 18, 2019, 07:00:08 AM »
In the downloaded file you will find:

A screenshot
A Combined file
A folder containing the single ZTD files for those who want just a few selected items

2019 Valentine Collection
Wizard of OZ Expansion / Re: We're Off To See The Wizard *ZT Style *
« Last post by Yellowrose on April 14, 2019, 08:13:26 PM »
Are you ready to do some decorating in your OZ zoo area yet ?????
Well here is the start of a few foliage files I (Yellowrose) have put together for you to play with.
How about some

* Flowering Bushes *

* Flowering Hiba Trees *

* Full Tile Pansy Collection * Note: - A 1/4 tile version of these is planned for the future.

* Spire Garden * and * Stepped Garden *
These are fairly large gardens that will enhance any large entrance area or large open area in your zoo.

* Crocus Collection *  or * Crocus Collection Combined *

* YR Gazania Collection * and * YR Impatients Collection *
* YR Gazania Collection Combined * and * YR Impatients Collection Combined *

* YR Mums Collection *  or  * YR Mums Collection Combined *

* YR Flower 'n' Plant Collection *  or  * YR Flower 'n' Plant Collection Combined *
Wizard of OZ Expansion / Re: We're Off To See The Wizard *ZT Style *
« Last post by Yellowrose on April 14, 2019, 08:11:45 PM »
After a short nap and enjoying the poppies for a short time, the companions continue along the Yellow Brick Road towards the Emerald City. As they get closer, they pass through the Emerald City Arch.

We start with an Entrance Arch

* Emerald City Entrance Arch *

They have finally reached their destination. BUT, they are refused entry at first, until the witch writes in the sky for the people of the Emerald City to surrender Dorothy to the witch. Once the entrance guard knew it was the witch's Dorothy standing at the door, the companions were permitted entry into

* Emerald City Castle *

After speaking with the Wizard, Dorothy and friends continue their journey to obtain the Witch's broomstick. One of the areas they pass through is the Haunted forest.

I would turn back if I were you.

* Haunted Forest Items *

In the Haunted forest, the companions get bushwhacked by the Witch's flying monkeys, and Dorothy and Toto are kidnapped and taken to the dreaded

* Wicked Witch's Castle *

A frightening place, none the less.

Note: As with the Emerald Castle, to use this castle, a medium map is suggested. Also, when using both castles in the same zoo, a large map will better accommodate both castles, as their footprints ingame are quite large. Note - langZA03.dll dated November 26, 2007 or later is needed

After returning to the Emerald City and delivering the broomstick to the Wizard, it is discovered that he really doesn't have a magical way to get Dorothy and Toto back home, so decides to take her himself.

* The Wizard's Ride Home to Kansas *

Rather then recreate another item, it is suggested you use the Hot Air Balloon Ride.

This great creation was made by Devona and Mark Bell, and is available at the Zookeeper's Lounge HERE
Wizard of OZ Expansion / Re: We're Off To See The Wizard *ZT Style *
« Last post by Yellowrose on April 14, 2019, 08:11:04 PM »
Dorothy is met by Glinda, the Good witch of the North, who tells Dorothy she is in Munchkinland.

Here is a set of buildings that are scenery only items to build your own Munchkinland.

* The Munchkinland Village *        or      * The Munchkinland Village Combined *

In Munchkinland, there are all kinds of colored flowers and trees to make it look very pretty. Here is a pack of various foliage items to help beautify your version of Munchkinland.

* Miscellaneous Foliage *

It's finally time for Dorothy and Toto to continue on their journey. The Munchkins have told her the best place to get advice on how to get home is to visit the Wizard in the Emerald City. When asked how she would get there, the munchkins advise Follow the Yellow Brick Road. All Journeys to OZ begin at the beginning of the

* Yellow Brick Road *

As Dorothy travels the yellow brick road, she meets a few friends to help her on her journey to see the wizard. While I couldn't do much to represent her three friends, here are a few goodies you can add to your zoo that relate to a couple of them.

* Miscellaneous OZ Extras *

In this zip, you will also find a few little extras for decorating. The zip file contains:

The Woodsman's Cabin - where Dorothy meets the Tinman
The Scarecrow Statue - use the cornstalks to create the spot she met the Scarecrow.

Extras Include

Plain Rainbow Arch
Rainbow Welcome Arch
Pink Hanging Flower Basket
Yellow Hanging Flower Basket
Crystal Ball
Character Globe
Gargoyle Column

The 5 companions continue through the forest until they finally reach the outer edges. They emerge into an area filled with pink poppies and far off in the distance is the Emerald City itself. As they begin to run towards the City, an awful magic spell is cast upon them that makes them want to lay down in the poppies and sleep. Glinda steps in and counters the sleeping spell with some falling snow to wake up the companions so they can continue their journey to the city. Make your own poppy fields with these next release files.

* Poppy Fields *  and  * Quarter Tile Poppy *

To make it look like your zoo guests are walking through the poppy fields, you can add in this path.

* Oz Poppy Path *

Thanks to the talents of the Community Fence Queen, Fern, you can also add in this quaint little poppy edging to your zoo decor.

* Oz Poppy Edging *
Wizard of OZ Expansion / Re: We're Off To See The Wizard *ZT Style *
« Last post by Yellowrose on April 14, 2019, 08:10:08 PM »
Like in the movie, our journey begins on the farm. Visit Dorothy's Kansas Home transformed into a restaurant for your guests to taste the great old time farm breakfasts served in farmhouses across America.

Presenting * Auntie Em's Cafe *

As the story moves on, trouble erupts on her way home from school with this little guy, created for this expansion by the talented Dr. Rick.

Presenting * Toto *

After a visit by the grouchy Miss Gulch, Dorothy runs away from home and stumbles across Professor Marvel. Your guests can also stop by and see Professor Marvel's Trailor on their tour of your zoo. This is a scenery only item.

* Professor Marvel's Trailor *

Visiting the Professor was traumatic; Dorothy discovers from the Professor that Auntie Em may be sick and worried about her, so she sets out to return home.

When she arrives, the wind is blowing and a cyclone is about to hit the farm. She heads for the storm shelter but can't get in, so decides to go to her room in the house.

It hits and the house is tossed and spins, and both Dorothy and Toto begin a Magical Journey.

After some time tossing and spinning, the house lands in a strange place Dorothy has never seen before.

We're not in Kansas any more, Toto.
Wizard of OZ Expansion / We're Off To See The Wizard *ZT Style *
« Last post by Yellowrose on April 14, 2019, 08:09:27 PM »
Hold on to your ruby slippers and follow me down the yellow brick road........

Well, while ZA had been on its long journey back, I was not just looking after the moves and behind the scenes site workings.

I had been working on a special journey for ZT 1 Fans: an expansion pack of my own based on this classic movie.

Along with the talents of some very special friends from RCT 2, we are all proud bring to you:

The Wizard of OZ - The Zoo Tycoon 1 Expansion

This expansion includes the following downloads:

The Emerald Castle - a rendition of the Wizard's home
The Witch's Castle - a rendition of the castle occupied by the Wicked Witch
Auntie Em's Cafe - a rendition of Dorothy's home on the farm with Auntie Em and Uncle Henry

Arches and Columns - a selection of arches and columns to decorate gardens, walkways and other sections of a zoo.

Foliage - poppy fields and a wide variety of foliage to add color and beauty to your zoo creation, as well as some haunted forest foliage to build up the haunted forest Dorothy and friends traveled through on their journey to retrieve the witch's broomstick.

Objects - a sign, a crystal ball, the woodsman's cabin as scenery, paths & fountains. Many more but too many to list here. Watch for new releases.

Animals - a special little creation from Dr.Rick. Dorothy's little dog Toto

A special thanks to Fern, Jay, Dr. Rick, Lam, and the Designer's Guild members for ideas and input for the building configurations. Extra thanks to Fern and Jay for created designs and putting up with my whip and moody days while this expansion was created.

Are you ready to join in on the journey???

The adventure you are about to embark on will amaze you.

The sights you see will surprise you.

By the time you are finished here, you will be drooling with anticipation.

Are you ready to Begin? A Journey Over the Rainbow??

We're Off to See The Wizard           The Wonderful Wizard of OZ

                                        -  Yellowrose
News / Zoo Admin's Return
« Last post by Yellowrose on April 10, 2019, 09:06:54 PM »
I owe the community an appology and a bit of an explanation as to what happened to Zoo Admin and the downloads sites over the last few years.

I had fallen into a deep depression about the sites and about ZT in general sometime around 2009 - 2010 I won't go into details but let's just say because of it my interests changed direction and I left the community. In fact even though I was not active in the community the sites were still available until early in 2016 or 2017 can't remember which now. Having financial difficulties as we all sometimes do the domain we used to have expired and someone else bought it up. Adding more to my depression.

Then last summer I was contacted by Zoo Tek Phoenix admin SavanahJan and ask if Tek could host the ZA download files. I agreed. Time passed and I started poping into Tek more often and by I think it was November of 2018 found myself missing creating for ZT and a lot of the friends I had made so decided it was time I got myself out of my depression and put the sites back up and create again.

Here we are .


I read at the ZT2 Round Table a post where someone had said it was gone for good. I responded with "Not as long as I can still breathe" That still holds true and as long as there are people who want files for their game and there is new and old interest I will keep the sites alive as long as I am capable of doing so. It has been a rough and rocky road regarding ZT and what happened and I still have hurdles to get over which will take time. But I am here to create and enjoy the game and help in any way possible those who would like to learn and maybe even create themselves. Over the years since I have been pretty well absent in the community I have learned a lot and willing to share that share knowledge so keep an eye on the Designers area for some new tutorials to help with your own creations should you want to start.

 clap clap  :za :za :za :za  clap clap

As of today Saturday April 13th 2019 Zoo Admin and the 2 downloads sites have been taken out of maintenance mode and are again available to the community. I also just want to add now that I have been back in the community for a few months how much I missed the community members and these sites. It feels good to have everything back again. Files at the downloads sites will slowly be made available as with no staff and doing it all myself is going to take time. I am currently working on the ZT 1 Buildings and will move on when I have all the files that don't need repairs done finished. I will be adding a Downloads Requests topic to the Downloads area so files can be requested but I can make no guarantees I can make your request available because of repairs the requested file may still need that may be beyond my knowledge but if I can fix it will do my best to make it available.
Zoo Tycoon 1 Downloads / Re: Updated files and Re-released files
« Last post by fern on July 24, 2013, 01:11:22 AM »
Giant Armadillo by Taz (Tasmanian_tiger) has been updated.
Updated July 21, 2013 by Jay to remove unnecessary files and configuration lines, to correct a configuration mistake done by the APE program concerning sounds, and to make some minor adjustments to the animal info.

Until such time as the ZAZT1 site has been updated it can be downloaded Here
Zoo Tycoon 1 Downloads / Re: Zoo Tycoon 1 Downloads Site
« Last post by norfolklass on July 04, 2013, 06:58:55 AM »
 :)) :ty for fixing this site.  :))
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