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stupid MM >.>


I have the MM expansion, but I can't get a file off the CD >.>
it's the file that adds MM show tanks, animals and objects.
not sure what it's called, but it's annoying as *****  :bang
any way I can get the file? it's a .ztd file with "animal" in the title

Sorry but we can't do that. It would be considered infringement. The only thing I can suggest is if your cd is damaged and that is the reason you can't copy the file then it may be time to buy another copy of the game. In the US and Canada ZTCC can be found at most EB Games, Zellers, Walmart and /Staples and in the US I believe Walmart, Target or Circut City would have it and for the most part it's only about $20 for a new copy.

so I need to buy another copy?  :(

Yes I'm sorry you do. It is illegal for us to post any files from the Microsofy/BlueFang game cds.

Ya know, you don't have to be SOOOOO mean and have language on this site. No need! It's super annoying when people are inpolite.  :bang :bang :bang and besides, you don't have to buy a new one, just take it back to the place you got it, get a refund or extange it for a new one. SIMPLE!!! No need to get all  :angry about it!!! Try to be nice next time OK. Remember, manners are a good thing, USE THEM MORE OFTEN!!! BUT, I do thing it's a little annoying that your game didn't work. But I'm sure you find a way to fix the problem. GOOD LUCK!!! 


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