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Will find the game when baby is having her nap and install - I also have somewhere a cd with all my saved zt2 hacks and other zt2 downloads so will look that out and find the relevant files.

EDIT:  Its the options file you have to edit tell me what scenerio you want to unlock and I will tell you exactly what you have to type

The scenario in question is the "Animal Conservation" scenario. It is the second scenario in the "Conservation Programs" campaign. One of the things you have to do is breed Red Pandas. My cousin and I are playing the game together and her Red Pandas keep dying and she has played the scenario over many times and is tired of trying. This scenario needs to be done to unlock the third scenario - "Second Generation Animals" - which needs to be done to unlock the "Mysterious Panda Campaign". Again, thanks for all your help.

Is that the Endangered Animals scenerio if so

EndangeredAnimalsCampaignscenario2="completed" EndangeredAnimalsCampaignscenario3="unlock"

Cant remember if you get anything for finishing the scenerio but if so let me know and I will give you the unlock for it.  Am just installing the games again and have the unlock up to marine mania but seem to have lost all the hacks for extinct so redoing them - if anyone has my old sell animals for money hack for the zt2 series would appreciate if they could let me know

I believe the "Conservation Programs" campaign came with the original Zoo Tycoon 2 game before all of the expansions came out. This particular campain needs to be completed in order to unlock the "Mysterious Panda" campaign. hope this helps.

SpeciesSurvivalscenario2="completed" SpeciesSurvivalscenario3="completed"

that should unlock the panda campaign


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