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I have great news for our members and guests. Our Zoo Tycoon 1 Downloads site is now available for everyone to downloa their favorite files.

Not all files are yet available but please be patient with us while we continue the daunting task of getting the remainder of the files updated or repaired. As the files are updated they will be made available.

If you have a problem with a file or downloading please post in the support board in this area here at Zoo Admin. I ask that you Do Not
post at the downloads site.

Here is the link to the Downloads Site

Zoo Admin ZT 1 Downloads

Quick question...when I click on "downloads" in the bar at the top of the forum, it doesn't take me to the DL site.  Is it supposed to?  I don't mind coming to this post every time I want to get to the DL site.  But, I'm just confused.  Sorry to create more work for you guys, even if the work is just trying to make sense of this post!

To reach the downloads site use the link in the 1st post ^^^ above. To Submit a file to the site for testing and then release you click the Downloads link at the top of the page in the menu bar.

For those of you having difficulty with the downloads sites here is a picture tutorial of how to go about accessing the files.

Remember you Do Not have to be a member of the downloads sites to be able to download files from ZA's downloads. Registration at the downloads sites has been disabled and the sites are fully accessable by guests.

Next post starts the tutorial

When you first arrive at the downloads site you should see an image like this depending on your monitor resolution you may see more of the page then is displayed in the pics included here.

As mentioned in my last post registration at the sites is disabled so you IGNORE the login box

Scroll down the page a little to see the category Titles and the different topic titles just like you would browse around ZA itself


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