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Click on a tiopc title. In this example I have used Real Animals in the Animals category. You will now see an alphabetical listing on all the files we have in that topic. Please remember to check for additional pages in the topics. Not all will appear on one page.

If the listings start at letter "Z" just click on the word "Subject" to reverse the order so "A" listings are the first you see.

Next you click on the post you want to look at in this example I have used the Ardwolf by Devona.

When looking at a post if a file has been updated for any reason or if it conflicts with another file located at another site there will be notes listed in the post. Be sure to read over the information in the post so you can make note of any updates or conflicts.

At the bottom of each post is the word DOWNLOAD or the words DOWNLOAD HERE usually in red or green and bold print. This is a link to the file so you can download it so just click on it.

After you click download you should have a box come up like in the pic always click SAVE and save the file to your computer first.

All files you download from ZA will be in zip file format so you will need winzip or other file compression program to extract the ZTD file to install in your game.

Never use the ingame file installer to install files to ZT 1. Always use copy and paste to install files to your dlupdates or updates folder.


I downloaded the CC Bonus Content Zoo from the ZT1 Downloads site, and I have a question about the Bowhead whale exhibit. It's in a Central location up in front of the zoo where the guests come in and there's paths all the way around it, well, one Bowhead said the exhibit was fine, but the other one said it was "feeling crowded by too many guests". It's a huge ehhibit and I'm wondering if I should make it all non see through or just part of it and which part? I have know idea where to start.


What I would do is start with adding solid wall to each side of the tank leaving approx 3 rows open area on each side and see if that helps. The guests will still be able to see into the tank and the whale may feel it has a little more privacy.


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