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Important Announcements From the Webmaster


Forum Rules are now available and should be looked over by all members. You can find the rules by clicking on the Rules tab in the menu bar at the top of each forum page or you can follow this link

The Rules

Rules for Avatars are found HERE

Rules for Signatures can be found HERE

I am currently working on getting the ZT 2 Downloads site restored. This is going to take some time. All the files need to be found and added. For now any files found will be added to the downloads site posts as attachments and moved to the server properly at a later date.

Please be patient while this is progressing and when the files are ready for download a link to the site will be provided.

Important Note

You will not be able to register at the downloads site. The files will be obtainable by guest access. Please do not try to register. Registration is disabled.

New Look

You will notice a new look for ZA and the 2 downloads sites. I like to keep things interesting and add a little spice to the sites every few months. Let me know in the General area what you think of the new look.


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