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look out 21:
Ok this is how you make an excellent eating area

You will need: ES and MM

1: Make a tank NOT FULL only like a space for people to walk in.

2: Cover it ALL on the top with  elevated paths.

3: Put pathways.

4: Put Eating buildings ( water, burger, hot dog, desert carts ext.)

5: Put benches or tables

6: Put trash cans and recycle bins(you NEED to have recycle bins at home if you wanna live in a world)

7: Go in guest mode and check it out.

8: Put matenence workers.

9: Remove all collums from the elevated paths.

10: Have fun! ;D

The Y2J Problem:
How do you remove collumns?

Also that is a really good idea. I wish I had MM but my walmart still hasn't gotten in the complete collection.

look out 21:
really? I cant install AA or DD/EA anymore.

I made a birdie!^o^

You have to remember to install in order of release so install ZT then ES then AA then MM then EA if you have the Dino Danger download install before MM. Remember with each exp changes were made to files. For expansions to work properly they need to be installed properly.

I tried this before but I don`t like it. Instead, i make animal houses.


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