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Whenever I get 6 or 7 downloads the game crashes :( :help1 .

Please help  :ty .

Since that is not many downloads, it sounds like a problem with one of the downloads. When does the game crash? What downloads to you have? How are you putting the downloads in the game?

It crashes very fast. I have the Wild Wings XP download

There are problems with some of the things in the Wild Wings Pack. Two of the shelters can cause the game to crash while looking in the shelter menu if your game is not an English (U.S.) version of the game. The Pegasus can cause the game to crash if it is in water. If you did not even get that far, then maybe its menu hack (uiWW.ztd) is conflicting with your game.

When I downloaded the Complete Collection, the Pegasus was not in it.


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