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How to make an Indoor Exhibit

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....or an indoor building to be even more general
Note: I DID make this video myself, and this is on MY youtube channel, so no copyright infringment here :D I have other videos, so check them out :)

So, In lay-mans terms

1. Build the tank walls, but don't connect all of it, or the tank will fill.
2. Use clear tank walls as the fence, but again, making sure you don't connect it all or it will fill with water.
3. Make your exhibits.
4. Make a roof by going to Elevated Paths, then raise it up to the level you want. Then create the roof.
5. Raise/Lower the walls so it matches the roof.
6. Make the paths 100% transparent, then delete all of the supports.
7. Add the animals, toys etc...
8. You're done!

Also, how can you embed it? I've tried but it didn't work :P

I already knew how to make indoor exhibit, I made an indoor zoo once :))

Awesome video! I've made some indoor type exhibits but that tutorial was really nice and I'm eager to try it out :D

Thanks, appreciate all of the (2) comments, especially coming from people so um.. famous in the ZT community  :ty

Great videos, has given me a few ideas I wouldn't of normally dream't up.  :))


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