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How to make an Indoor Exhibit

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Although I have been amusing myself with indoor exhibits for a while this is definitely a huge step up in design with the glass walls and deleted columns.
The tutorials (I am busy going through them now in the small hours of the morning instead of sleeping) are really excellent and I can't wait to get back to my latest project.
Alas, no sleep for me tonight...

p.s the music also rocks! :ty

Rosinas Cat:
Sorry to be commenting on this a bit late, Apollo! But I must say I found the tutorial veryinformative. I might even have a go at an indoor exhibit this weekend!  clap

I never knew all of this!

Dear "ApolloTheEagle" I know that I am new to this site but I love your ideas! Oh, and where did you get your "profile picture"? :ty :dol :budgie :new

Most of the ideas here, are the brightest.


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