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pink asian elephant?

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natureboy...what are you talking about? O_o

anyway the pink elephant skins came with Extinct Animals as the Pink Elephant Disease, but it just so happens the game instead uses the new pink skins as the normal skins. just to clarify, it affects both African and Asian Elephants.

you need to download the hack from i think ztv

Never mind about before in white skins on elephants. They just said it on the zoopedia.

Jess Uzumaki:
I had this problem for both African and Asian elephants, but a downloaded a hack which fixes it. I think it was at caldera unlimited :wacko

If anyone figured out how to fix it please let me know... All my african and asian elephants are pink... They're not sick and it doesn't matter if they're male or female... It's driving me nuts...


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