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pink asian elephant?

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It is just a varient that naturally came with the elephant since the beginning. :wist

tigermjoe is right. its a glitch that came with extinct animals. it gives both male and female african elephants pink skin and male asian elephants. the only hack i found replaced the pink skins with their normal skins, not the actual coding glitch. i downloaded it anyway though.

So the African Elephants have this or the Asian Elephants? :wist

Rosinas Cat:
As wolfkid92 said in the title, Natureboy, this strange colouring seems to only occur in asian elephants.

I had forgotten about this, to be honest, and it has just happened to me. If I remember rightly, i didn't have this (pretty!) problem before. Maybe its a coincidence, but I am using Vista now, where I had used  Windows XP previously.

Actually, I don't really mind it. It's....cute!!

What do the guests have to say for this. It's a Pink Asian Elephant. Is there a white official Asian Elephant with the game? :wist


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