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I am currently working my through all the scenarios again. I remember having trouble with this one before but can't remember what I did. I have completed all of the requirements apart from guest happiness. I have the boardwalk path, flowers around the buildings, places to eat, sit, etc. I have a couple of zoo exhibits and well as lots of marine exhibits. I no longer have the shows. Yet my guest happiness is only 70-73 and I need 85. Any ideas?? Cheers. :ty

perhaps you can post some screens so we can see how it looks and then see if we can give you some extra tips to increase the guest happiness

sure thing but how do you do thqat? I have never done thqat before so would have no idea even where to start. Thanx.


On the game screen, in the lower left hand corner, you'll see a little camera icon.  Click on that and it will take a picture of the part of the zoo that is on the screen.  After you take your pics, go into the Zoo Tycoon folder on your computer (it's probably on your C drive, under "Program Files," and then "Microsoft Games") and look for a folder called "Screenshots."  That's where you'll find your pics.  You can edit them using a program such as Paint and then upload them to ZA.
Hope this helps!

Do you have a lot of space between the exhibits?  I know that that sometimes makes my guests grouchy.

HI. Will try that and see how it goes. Thanks for that. My path in this zoo are boardwalk, 2 wide and the exhibits are 1 square either side of the paths. I know the boardwalk makes the people happy but also so does cobblestone. I have all of the animal houses and the highest pleasing things in them. Natasha


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