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Installing ZT 1 Downloads


For our newer members and game players that may have never installed user made items before, here are the instructions that you will need to properly install a download into your game.

First you will need to have a program to unzip the files. The most popular one is WinZip which you can use for free for a limited time.

Almost every item that you download will be zipped (all of ZA's should be zipped, but some sites don't zip theirs), so the first step is to unzip your item. It's best to make a file folder in your "My Documents" folder just for ZT Downloads and download them into that folder for the next step. You'll now have a .ztd file, and possibly a text and picture file. Any .txt or .jpg you see are just for your information, and you can put them anywhere you like.  The .ztd file goes in your game slightly differently if you don't have the Complete Collection, so both ways will be explained:

If you have CC, the .ztd goes in your
C:/Program Files/Microsoft Games/Zoo Tycoon/dlupdate folder

If you don't have CC and dlupdate folder, then put the .ztd in your
C:/Program Files/Microsoft Games/Zoo Tycoon/Updates folder

Any .dll files you download go in your main Zoo Tycoon folder
C:/Program Files/Microsoft Games/Zoo Tycoon. These .dll files are the ones that manage guest thoughts, actions and item descriptions on your menus.

Remember that Zoo Tycoon has a limit of about 63 .dll files that it can support. Many of the sites have created their own .dll files in which they have combined many of them into one file, making it possible to remove individual files and freeing up more space for additional .dll files. Each site will have a list of which buildings/attractions/animals their .dll file will support. This will make it easier to keep track of how many files you have in ZT folder. Just remember NOT to remove any of the files that the game came with, just the ones listed in your downloads.

As for the .ztd files, Zoo Tycoon is supposed to be able to handle up to approximately 300-400. Some of the user-creators are now combining several of their creations into 1 .ztd file which will, again, allow more free space for more downloads. The descriptions of their files may be found in a seperate text document in the zip file or on the page in which the file is posted for downloading.

If you should ever have any questions, please feel free to ask-we want everyone to enjoy ZT and all its' wonderful creations!


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