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Rosinas Cat:

For the first time in ages, I am moving out of my freeform comfort zone, to try to get some unlockables. But I am puzzled by the Paleo Island challenge. One of the objectives is to create a 'super extinct animal' at the Lab. I already have sivertherium (sp?), bluebuck and styracosaurus. What is a super extinct, then?

Thanks in advance, guys!  :))

When you go on fossil finding games you find the fossils, after you find all the fossils it will tell you that you can now build the >animal name here< in the extinct research lab, build the fossil, after that, build the animal and if you get above 90% of the game right you will get a Super Extinct animal, is that good for you? :)

Like what Cameron567 says, you have to get at least a 91. Sometimes when you get a 90% they don't give it to you. I get at least 100% all they way up to the third set of fossils.

Rosinas Cat:
Thanks both. I now have a super raptor, and am waiting til I can release the 5 species.

5 different species right because I raise them until max and release them. Use the low chain link fences and ditches surrounding the inside of the exhibit to help with money problems if you have them. cookie :))


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