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How do I post my Screenshots ?


First you have to make sure your screenshots are the right image size and the right file size so they are within the size rules or 800 x 600 in image size and 100 KB in file size.

Changing Size Of JPG Files

Windows comes with a program called Paint. To find it go to Programs / Accessories / and click on Paint to open the program.

Once you have the program open click on File / Open to open the screenshot you want to resize.

In the window that opens navigate to your screenshots folder which should be in C:/ Program Files / Microsoft Games / Zoo Tycoon / Screenshots

Now that you have your screenhot open in Paint go to the top menu again and click on Image / stretch-skew

In both the Horizontal and Vertical boxes enter 80 to start and then click ok this will shrink your image 20% click on file / Save as

Just below the save window you will see a Save as Type window use the arrow on the right to access a list of file types and choose jpg, jpeg.

Now in the naming window right above the file type window pick a name for your screen and name it.

Click save - you can save it right in your ZT screenshots folder or save it in a folder on your desktop or hard drive.

If saving in your screenshots folder remember you will have 2 screens the same so be sure to add the right screen to your post. Renaming your screenshot makes it easy to find the right screen for posting.

Checking the File Size

Now to check to be sure your screen is the right file size open windows explorer and navigate to where you saved the resized screenshot.

Hover your mouse over the screen in windows explorer. It will show you for a short time, some information about the file.

The ones you need to know for posting is the -

Dimensions: 800 x 600 or smaller
Size: 100 KB or smaller

Adding a Screenshot to your Post

Now that you have resized your screenshot and it meets the size needed for posting you are ready to add it to your post.

In the Show & Tell area if you haven't started a new topic for yourself click on New Topic then Enter a topic title

Add what you want to say about your zoo and the screen you're adding in the post window.

Below the post window click on Additional Options.

Use the Browse window to navigate to where you saved your screenshot and then click open

Click Post - it may take a few seconds to post because it needs time to upload the screenshot to the server.

That's it your done and your screen will appear as a thumbnail below your post. If members what to see the full size image they can click on the thumbnail to open the image full size in a separate window.


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