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  The downloads that Zoo Admin is so famous for are not available at this time. Please do not post questions in the forum asking when they will be back. There is no date or time that can be given in responce. The staff are working diligently to restore all the files for you as soon as they possibly can. We ask that you be patient. Any news we have for you will be posted here so you will not miss it.

   The deal is that we have over 3000 files in our database and they ALL must be tested before they can be put up for download. Part of the reason Zoo Admin is so famous for downloads is that we test ALL files to insure that they are safe for you to download and install in your game. We test to make sure that they work as intended. We test to make sure they are of good quality. And we check to make sure that the file is genuine and not the work of someone else that has just been modified. We are very strict which is why a number of designers have entrusted their work to us to host and no one else.

   So when a catastrophic event occurs, like our server crashing, we must go through all our files to make sure they are not damaged before they are available for you. This is a lot of work, done by people who also have to work, go to class, take tests, write papers........  You get the idea.  So please have patience with us. I know that the files have been down for over a year, we ALL know it ( This is our THIRD server! ). Any news we have for you regarding the downloads will be posted here, no where else, so you will not miss a thing. Please do not post questions about downloads in the forums, look here first. Anything we have for you will be announced here. Also DO NOT post links to files in the forums, they will be removed by the staff. As I told you we thoroughly test all our files and therefore do not permit files we have not tested to be hosted here.


I have some good news for everyone. I am currently at the time of this post getting the ZT 1 downloads site back so it can be used. :dance  This will take a few days as we have to check to be sure all the zip files on the server are good ones. I have put a fresh install of the software on the server so it is ready to go. I still have to restore the database for the site and get the database upgraded so it is compatable with the current software. Things are moving forward just at a slow pace. Sorry for all the delays guys but we are again getting there.

I'll update here when the site is ready for access.


 :dance Sure this is worthy of a celebration  :yay

The ZT 1 Downloads are Back

The ZT 1 Downloads site has been restored and files are again available for download. Please keep in mind not all the files are yet available and the staff are working to get them updated or repaired so they can be made available for download.

If you have a problem downloading a file please post Here

If you have a problem with a broken link to a file please post Here

If you have a problem with a file you have already downloaded and installed please post Here

We will work as hard and as fast as possible to get these files available for everyone to enjoy again. I would like to take this opportunity to again thank everyone for their patience and support while we got and continue to get this daunting task complete.


Merry Christmas Zoo Admin


 clap Great job Yellowrose  :ty for all the time and love you put into this I am positive
this will make many members very happy  :))


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