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Submitting A File to Zoo Admin - RULES


Here are the rules for submitting your file to Zoo Admin.

1. All files must contain an Information Text file. This can be created using notepad or other text editing program.


Make sure you give credit to those creators who helped with any part of the file especially if you used someone else's file in the creation of yours. If you used another creators file be sure you have written permission from that creator and have it available in case the tester requests it. If you don't have written permission to use another creators file DO NOT use them. That would be considered stealing of another creators work and is a banable offence here at ZA. Theft of any kind with regards to downloads will not be tolerated.

2.You must include a screenshot of your file in-game no larger then 800 x 600. This will be resized and used at the downloads site to add a picture of your file to the posting and for the Downloads Directory listing. If you know how to resize the screen yourself and wish to do so then the screen size needed for posts is 400 x 300.

3. You must include all files needed for your file to work. For ZT 2 creators this means you must include the z2f and any needed .dl file that goes with your ZT 2 submission.

4. You final file ready for submission must include all of the above mentioned elements and be in .zip format.

5. To help avoid problems with other files on the server please include your username in the final filename. An example of this would be -

Final zip file should include the following:

For ZT 2

z2f file
dl file - if needed for zoopedia information to show.
Information text file
screenshot 800 x 600 or 400 x 300

For ZT 1

ztd file
information text file
screenshot 800 x 600 or 400 x 300


Files submitted with missing items will take longer to test and approve. Please make sure you have included everything needed in your zip file before you submit your fie.

You must be a registered member of Zoo Admin to submitt a file for testing and release at our downloads site.

Information Before Uploading Files

Visitors to Zoo Admin who are registered with our forums will have the oportunity to add and edit the files they add to our database.

All files that are added by the members of Zoo Admin will have to be reviewed and tested before being added to our database.

By submitting files to Zoo Admin you are giving us permission to host those files permanently as well as giving us permission to distribute them via the web and compact disc media.

Do not submit any files that are not your own creations. Do not borrow other peoples work to use in your own submission without getting their permission first, and properly crediting them. Any submitters sending work that is not rightfully their own may have all of their work removed from Zoo Admin and will be restricted from submitting files in the future.

If don't wish to have your work distributed on the compact disc you can email Texgnome1 and specify the exact file you wish to not have made available. Please clearly state the name of the file(s) in the body of the email.

* Only members to our forums can add files.
* All files submitted must be in a .zip format.
* All files also must include a screenshot (400 x 300).
* Screenshots must be uploaded along with the file.
* Submissions without a screenshot will not be accepted.
* All zoo's submitted, must contain a list of user made files.
* All files must be under 5MB.
* All ZT 2 files must be in .z2f format and in a .zip file with all needed files
* Any submission found to contain missing files will be rejected.

Please do not use special characters in the file name such as * & % / ?. Use only numbers and letters. These special characters cause corrupt files and are no good to anyone.

Please make sure to fill in all fields with an * on the downloads submission form.

Depending on your file size, the upload might take couple minutes.

Press submit only once, pressing it more than once, wont make it go faster.

If for some reason you have any questions, please redirect them to one of the Zoo Admin Administrators.

All file submissions submitted to our downloads database, should not take longer than 8-10 days to be checked and accepted.

Also be aware that all files will not make it. So if your file is not up after 1 week, it did not meet the above stated submission requirements. If and when the above stated requirements are met then you can resubmit your file for testing.


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