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Submission Problems

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If you are having a problem uploading your file for testing and release please post here and we'll do our best to get the problem fixed.

I never find the donwloads button to click

Animals take a look above where it says Welcome To Zoo Admin I know it's hard to see and I'll try to fix it later. There is a menu bar there. On the right side of the menu bar right over top of the "min" in Admin you will see the Downloads Link. The lettering is white so hard to see but it is there. I am going to work on a new skin for the sit so the links are easier to see.

Hmm, I actually can't see it either. My Menu Bar ends with ZT2DC. I took a screenshot for you.

OK I believe I have that fixed now and everyone should be able to see the downloads link in the menu bar now. Thanks for the screen Mika, made it easier to tell why.


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