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Hey guys...I'm wanting to start a new zoo (and I might actually get around to posting pics!), this one based on the "Anne of Green Gables" series.  I have some ideas for decorations, but I'm wondering what animals to include.  Any suggestions?
Also, does anyone know of a lighthouse download?

There is the one in Pixxigers Hotels and I know they have 1 at Tek. Pop over to the DD and type lighthouse into the search window and see what you can find.

Oh, and it might be a while before I start this zoo (I started another one before starting this one), so if there are any other suggestions, I'm still open.
Thanks again YR!

  Maybe you should have some farm animals since (if I remember right) Anne lived on a farm. Just a suggestion for ya! 

That's a great idea, Iyork!  I'm going to have to remember that!


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