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Wild Wings by RSN
« on: April 10, 2009, 03:50:17 PM »
Here you will find questions and answers relating to the Wild Wings Pack created by RSN. Ever effort will be taken to give proper credit to all those whose information is supplied here. This post has been generated with information collected at the old versions of Zoo Admin. Some of the members reponsible for this information are. Loewenfrau, Aussie Koala, Devona, RSN

Contents of the Wild Wings Pack Include

The Animals(26):



Zoo Tycoon and Marine Mania(23)
Common Puffin
Indian Peafowl
Andean Condor
California Condor
Golden Conure
Scarlet Macaw
Hyacinth Macaw
Harpy Eagle
Bald Eagle
Eastern Brown Pelican
Black Swan
Single Wattled Cassowary
Crowned Crane
Emu(bow is dimorphic)
Concave Casqued Hornibill
Toco Toucan
Blue and Gold Macaw
Machurian Crane(updated)
Bali Minah
Shoebill Stork
Snow Owl

The Objects

Aviary Cage by Catfish

Questions And Answers

Q - dlugopets Jan. 16 2004 - how do you keep them in the cages if they can fly?
A - Crookshankz227 Jan. 17 2004 - Animals fly out unless the fence is too short, but nothing can fly ove DD fences.
If you DL the aviary pack, then it will look like you have an aviary fence. 

A - R-s-n Jan. 17 2004 - Peafowls, Hoatzins, Sunbitterns, Pelicans, Swan,...these ones you can put in normal fences.

Q - Cherrypanther Jan. 21 2004 - Well, hm - I downloaded the original version. It didn't work (at all nothing showed up). So I come on today and find out there's a fix - Of course I downloaded that and wow, it didn't work. Nothing, at all works. The only sign of it I have at all is that there is a 'sort by Wild Wings' option. (not that there is anything IN that category). I put all the files into the update folder - and put the maps into the map folder and the Langfile into the main (zoo tycoon) folder. It just won't work. Why doesn't it work? I have all three zoo tycoons btw.

A - Loewenfrau Jan. 21 2004 - just put all ZTD files in your Updates or dlupdate folder and the DLL file in your main directory. The zoo files can be saved anywhere and loaded via the " open saved game" option in the main menu. To everyone who doesn't get the animals to appear please try putting the ZTDs into the dlupdates folder. That's where I put mine and I didn't have any problems with animals or objects when I tested and fixed them. I'm also running the CC retail version. 

A - Aussie Koala Jan. 22 2004 - When you install all the files- a Wild Wings menu becomes available - you can click on that to go quickly to the animals/objects.

Here is a checklist if you are having trouble.

Make sure these files are in your updates folder (or dlupates if you have CC)

The following file is in your main zoo tycoon folder

The following files can go in maps
crazy time.zoo
Particular breed.zoo
mountain camp.zoo

The html is a link to rsn site
the doc file - a readme (note the file names have changed)
the icon- you only need to use if you want to change your game icon
You can put the saurian file in C:/windows/fonts

If everyone having a problem could you please first check all the above files are in the correct folders, have checked if when in a freeform game they get the new drop down menu "Wild Wings" with the new items.

If you have the files in the correct place and still having problems, please post here explaining what the problem is and what Zoo Tycoon version you have.
We cannot help you unless we have all the information.

Q - dinwrest Jan. 22 2004 - I'm just about to see if the filter appears , but I'm still stuck on the icon thingy where do I put to it for it to work 

A - Aussie Koala Jan. 22 2004 - It does not matter where you put it- it is not needed by the game files- you can use it in place of your current desktop zootycoon icon. Right click on the icon you already use to start Zoo Tycoon on your desktop. Choose properties, then Icons- navigate to where the new icon image is saved. Apply the changes - then that it the new desktop icon to start your game.

Q - Bovidaeloony Jan. 22 2004 - I have Marine Mania and the downloaded Endangered Species pack. About five or ten minutes into every game since I downloaded the pack, zoo tycoon crashes. What I'm doing seems to be irrelevant- placing animals, modifying terrain, clicking the menu to hire staff. I downloaded the original and then replaced it with the fixed version, but I'm still getting that blank animal. I also moved everything to the proper folder suggested in this thread. All the other downloaded animals I have are official. Any tips? 

A - Loewenfrau Jan. 22 2004 - try putting the files in the dlupdates folder. also if you still have that blank icon you don't have the fixed version.

NOTE - More to be added

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