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Game Crashes?!


I made the mistake of downloading a few things that had a warning that zoo tycoon may crash with these downloads. My question is how do I get around this? I downloaded The mcdonalds, KFC, and a few other resturaunts and under the description it says that this patch may cause game crashes. I didnt think anything of it and just went ahead and downloaded them. Any way I can get rid of the crashing?!

If you did not run the programs that are in those downloads, then there will not be a problem. But if you ran those programs, you should do a couple things. First, you should copy the lang0.dll from your Zoo Tycoon CD-ROM and put it in Zoo Tycoon's main folder. Second, you should see if there are any user ".dll" files in Zoo Tycoon's main folder that are larger than 1.8 MB. If so, move them out of Zoo Tycoon's main folder. But do not move any of Zoo Tycoon's ".dll" files. (Zoo Tycoon's ".dll" files start with lang0..., lang1..., lang2..., or lang3....) The messages for those buildings will no longer appear inside Zoo Tycoon, but at least there will not be any sporadic crashes due to the ".dll" files.


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