Author Topic: Im looking for certain downloads! (ZT2)  (Read 4348 times)

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Im looking for certain downloads! (ZT2)
« on: February 05, 2010, 10:27:37 PM »
I haven't been on the site in quite a while (family life literally took over!) and I realised in coming back, that I couldn't find a few certain downloads.

They were reskins of original ZT2 animals of Ostrich, Lion, Giraffe etc. and they were incredibly detailed. They were almost like the real thing! Im not sure but I think the creator (who's name escapes me) also created a fantastic waterbuck too!

Could anyone help me?

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Re: Im looking for certain downloads! (ZT2)
« Reply #1 on: February 06, 2010, 05:20:20 PM »
They are probably amoung the files that have not been resorted yet. Will see what I can find.
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