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Does anyone still have this file lying around?


I was so excited when I found that this website still had the sell animals/space hack combo.... but unfortunately the links dont work. So I was wondering if anyone still has these files and could post them up, or email them or something? I believe they're named:

and x910_000"

So far I've been switching between the two (space hack, and sell hack) since those two seperate DL's worked properly ^^" lol But its a real pain to keep switching, since my computer is really slow to exit, and start zoo tycoon back up.

Also, if anyone happens to have the EA combo space/sell hack, that would be wonderful aswell, since that DL is also no working XD

Thank you all in advance. <3

Can you please give me a link to the page with the non working link. I don't play ZT2 and in this case I am not quite sure what I am looking for.

Oops, sorry ^^

Heres the link to the first one:

And the second one


those two links dont work i need these plsss plsss plss


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