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ZT1 Atlantis Theme Pack?


I remember a long time ago there used to be an Atlantis theme pack. I just finished up college and installed ZT1 on my Vista Premium laptop (works great btw) but I cant find the Atlantis theme pack anywhere. Someone want to help a fellow zoo keeper out here? I've been searching the past 12 hours for this theme pack but to no avail. It's not on the official website anymore because they went all ZT2 so I'm on a massive hunt.

Welcome to Zoo Admin and welcome back to Zoo Tycooning. :wel5

The Zoo Admin ZT1 download site has all of the official downloads, including the Atlantean (Atlantis) Theme Pack. But we put the download sites offline near the end of the month to save bandwidth for this main site. They will be back online in a day or 2.

As for finding specific downloads, there is a site called the Zoo Tycoon Community Download Directory (ZTCDD or DD for short). The site is still being worked on and is not up-to-date yet, but it still can come in handy to find specific downloads. For example, here is the listing for the Atlantean (Atlantis) Theme Pack:

thankyou very much :) This helps alot.

It also puts my mind at ease I will be able to download files from this site again real soon. I can remember when ZT1 was still pretty new and this site was around. I downloaded so much stuff that I almost crashed my parents computer lol. Now I have a real good laptop that can handle anything I throw at it. (Yes it's a Vista but hey I like Vista :) )


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