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Okay it's been a while since I played ZT but I still remember the way I would build my zoo's... and I always name the save as hghf lol it's a long story on why but if I ever name it somethign else then I have horrible rotten luck.

I always use the large Ocean map, and before I build anything I hold down shift + 4 so make easy money so I dont go broke.

What I like doing first and foremost is unlocking the unicorn with Xanadu as their exhibits name. I usually put their place together in pause so that I can keep the happy animal record up real high the whole time. I then add in a few extra exhibits such as show animals and a show tank which they all can share. I normally put the show tank and show animals in the middle of my zoo to keep things a bit more organized.

Once I have those put in place and throw in the zookeepers, maintenance workers, marine specialists etc. I just start throwing in other exhibits sticking with whatever original theme I want. I normally go for a fantasy theme, using any fantasy animal download I find and putting them in my zoo. The Phantasia is probably one of my favorites personally. A friend of mine used to have a winged unicorn for her zoo but when I looked online to find it, the site was closed down so if anyone knows where I can find one then let me know.

I usually save the guests happiness for last. I care enough to make them happy by giving them food but as far as decorations are concerned then forget it. I care more about the animals being happy since the animals are the reason the people come in the first place.

Hope this helps some of you fellow ZT players :) to be honest I prefer ZT1 over ZT2.

Sounds like a fun zoo!  You'll have to post some pics somtime! 

Is this the animal you were thinking of?  http://www.lunamanar.com/zklounge/index.php?showtopic=104

Have you gotten through all of the scenerios?  There's one of the Very Advanced scenerios that permanently unlocks the unicorn.

I like to just focus on the animals sometimes, too.  Angry animals lead to angry guests!

Thanks for telling us about your zoo!

I'll post some pics soon as my zoo is completed. I am still waiting for the Phantasia download and some other fantasy items from here on Zoo Admin that I can't get my hands on right now.

No I havent gotten through all the scenarios yet but I will get to that later on.

Sorry no tht's not it. I downloaded it already sicne it is a pegasus though :) (think of a unicorn with wings so it'll still have its horn too)

What site was it from originally? And do you remember the designer's name? Sometimes information like that can help to find it. Knowing the site sometimes allows things to be found on http://www.archive.org/. Also, the site might be around but with a new name and address. With designer names, sometimes others might know how to contact them.

There were two pegasus done. One is at ZA and the other at ZKL
Genki did a lot of recoloured unicorns. They are at ZooTek Phoenix. They also have dragons.


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