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ZT1 Aqua Unicorn


Okay I downloaded this a while ago but i just noticed it's got a small bug in it. The unicorn, once it's put in the water, it just stays in one spot. It won't move, or anything it just sits there. I began noticing this when they would all die of starvation. The food is sitting right in front of theri noses and they won't even move ha ha. If there were a unicorn swim hack, this could fix the problem. There is a wolf swim hack, so why not a unicorn?

It does have an error. If you go to ZTCDD and look at the additional info there you can see whether an animal will have problems. Warnings are just inefficiencies but errors can crash games or cause problems like you are having with this animal.
The aqua unicorn is listed there.

It has been added to a very long "to fix" list.


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