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Fossil House & Deepsea Aquarium

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mrs. poohbear:
For some reason these are not showing up on my menu tab.  I have downloaded them twice and installed them into the correct file but nothing....can you please check this file.  I really like the Deep Sea Aquarium and want to use it in a zoo I am building.  Thank you

They are researchable buildings so you need to do the animal house research for them to show. The research hacks that are around will not work for these and might even hinder them.

mrs. poohbear:
thank you Fern for the information.

I removed the research hack but then I had a mess with my zoo.  Every thing had to be researched all over again...duh..

finally got all the animals happy again.

I've made myself a note, NOT to install the hack, if I want to use the aquarium  :ty

That would also apply to the Reptile houses from Tek and the Arctic House by quivaz and maybe a couple more.

I know this is off topic but where is the download for the aquarium located at?


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