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Editor to move fences back?


Way back around 2004 or so I had Zoo Tycoon 1 installed on my computer and I downloaded an editor which allowed you to take any save file and then move the fences back for free (say even to the very edge of the map) and change the terrain for free, etc. But then my computer crashed and I lost my internet and just recently got it back so all my files are gone. I don't even remember what the editor was called or where I got it. If anyone can tell me what it is and especially where to dowload it again I'd be extremely greatful.


Sounds to me like the Map Editor.
Here's a link...http://www.zooadmin.net/ZT1/index.php?topic=59.0
Have fun with rediscovering the game!  Hope you post some pics!

Yes, it would be the Map Editor that allows making those types of changes. However, the zoo walls should always stay at least 1 tile away from the map edges, otherwise sporadic game crashes can occur in the Zoo Tycoon 1 expansion packs.

Yeah, that sounds like it to me too. Thanks. I'll try to post some pics ASAP, saw a lot of great buildings and animals I want to download.

Jay, thanks for the reminder about keeping the fence 1 tile away. I forgot about that!


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