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Max. no. of .ZTDs?


Is there a max. number of .ZTDs you can have or something? I was installing a bunch of user created objects and animals and after a certain number when I try to load a saved game to put it in, it says something like "File that can't be founs" then I remove the update and it can be. Any clue whats up with that?

Yes, Zoo Tycoon 1 has a limit on the number of ".ztd" files, as well as other limits. The ZTCDD site has a topic that talks about these limits and what to do about them:

To avoid the ".ztd" limit, one can combine ".ztd" files. There are many approaches to combining ".ztd" files. There is a topic at the ZKL site that talks about the free and open source 7-Zip program, including how to use it to combine ".ztd" files:


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