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The Coffee House


"Welcome to The Coffee House - your dose of caffeine!

The Coffee House is a friendly and informal community dedicated to having fun, and it has over 100 fun games that you can play, including a variety of role-playing games. Additionally, we have various contests that you can enter, and a chatbox where you can chat to our members in real time. For the more intellectually minded, we have forums based on science, news and debating.

What you can see below is a snapshot of what we have to offer. To see the rest, and gain access to all of this, all you need to do is register as a member. Registration is quick, free and easy."


Hope to see you there!  I'm costumedanceparty there.

We've now reached 100000 posts.  What a feat.  We have 88 members, run contests, have chat feature, and much more.  Please come and join this tight-knit community where there is so much to do!


I will mention that we are quite active and have lots of places to discuss animals!

EDIT! (8/12/12)

The Coffee House is a forum where you can pretty much do what you want to (similar to this place in fact).  We are a very tight-knit community (as mentioned) but we are growing bigger. We have over 100 members. We have over 100,000 posts.

Furthermore, our forum includes games, fun contests like caption contest or connecting walls where you combine words to form a group. We have "ask me" threads where you can learn to get to know other people.  Also, we have several places to develop learning experiences- forums about animals, astronomy, math, homework help; you name it we have it. And if we don't for some reason, I suggest you join and add to our community what "should" be added.

Even if you choose not to join, come and look at it and chat with our members (the chat is open to the public even if you haven't joined). Hopefully then you'll be convinced... if not we'd love to see you come and we always enjoy more company. Thank you and please consider joining The Coffee House!  Everyone is welcome to come here and share their work and life experiences!  Thank you!


Come and check out our latest contest only at The Coffee House!  View the contest here:

Below you will see 10 words on two walls.  The pink wall is for males to use, while the blue wall is for females to use (this is to avoid gender bias).  For this story you will not only need to use at least 6 of the words within the given wall, but the catch is that you will need to write the story from the perspective of the opposite gender (and no, this does not hold exclusively to just humans, although that is what I had in mind).  It can be about anything you want it to.  The more words you use correctly and proficiently that are listed below will grant you more points.  Your story must have a minimum of 500 words and a maximum of 1000 words (not including the title).

New domain name!

Find us here:

Please help us get to 130 members!


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