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Does this place still accept downloads?


I saw a download form, but I didn't try it... wasn't sure if it would work or not.

Yes, this site still takes downloads. But, depending on the type and quality of the file, it could take a while for it to be accepted. The people who used to do the testing have not been here in a while. As an affiliate to this site, I help when I can. But I do not have Zoo Tycoon 2. So I can only test things made for Zoo Tycoon 1. In the case of Zoo Tycoon 1 animals, I make sure that the Animal Configuration Checker from Zookeeper's Lounge does not show any errors or warnings for the animal. I also look at the animations to see that they look consistent. In particular, the eat animations should look like eating and, for land animals, the walk animations should look like walking. For any animations, I check that they do not show boxes around the animations. Even though I cannot test things for Zoo Tycoon 2, there is always the possibility that this site will find someone that can. So even things for Zoo Tycoon 2 can be submitted. To submit a download, one would click DOWNLOADS in the menu at the top, click the category it is for, click Add a download, fill in the Description that should be shown for the download, click Browse to say which file should be uploaded to here, and click Add Download.

Thanks, I may give it a try just to add my stuff in, but seeing as how the ZT community has faded away, it may not be crucial.  Thank you!


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