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How To Find Your Hidden Zoo Tycoon 2 Folders Without The Internet!!!


Fantasticly AWESOME NEWS!!! I found out how to find the hidden Zoo Tycoon 2 folders without the internet. First, Go to a folder your already have, if you dont have a folder, make a new one. Second, look on the top left of the folder and click on organize, Then click on the "folder and search options". Then a pop up will apear, click on the view tab on the top of the pop up. Then scroll down untill you see the hidden file option, and click on the show the hidden folder and then click OK on the bottom of the pop up. After that follow the rest of Yellowrose's instructions. I'll give you guys a link to her steps and the download center. I hope this advice helps and comment if this was helpful info or if you have any questions below. -czajenstar1

Link To Download Center: http://www.ztcdd.org/DD/
Link To Yellowrose's Instructions: http://www.ztcdd.org/DD/index.php?topic=2472.0

P.S: Please note, this advice is ONLY for people with a newer web server, which means that the old style internet, which Yellowrose's suggested you use to find the hidden files works if you have an older server. If your unsure what kind of server you have look at the picture below or go to Yellowrose's topic with the link I gave you. By looking at the picture, you'll be able to tell weather of not you have the same thing as Yellowrose! (Sorry, for some reason the picture doesn't show up, annoying box with a X :angry)

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Hey, clap I've seen you guys have other questions posted on other topics, so feel free to ask me stuff on how to download stuff, I may be able to help you but there are no garenties I will have the answer on some things. And no one seems to be posting, please by all means, don't be shy! Let me know if my answers helped or if the info is too confusing :wacko, okay! Hope my info is helpful, and THANKS FOR OVER 550 VIEWS!!!!!!!!!!  :ty -czajenstar1

P.S. Post any downloading problems here and mabye I, or other viewers may be able help you. And do you guys think you could help me with one problem, ya know, help each other out! Thanks, and here's the Link to my topic!

Link To My Problem: http://www.zooadmin.net/index.php?topic=938.0


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