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Arabian Nights


I've been trying to download Arabian Nights since I got a new hard drive and haven't been able to find it. I found some links here: But it asks me to log in and it says my username does not exist. I know there's a thread that explains that but I haven't found a way to download it. It also has an attachment but it tells me "404 attachment not found" when I click on it. Can someone help?

Since those links were created, ZA moved once, ZTCDD moved twice, and the original Artifex (which includes the Arabian Nights package) download site became disabled. So that is why those problems are occurring and why the downloads are not currently available. The 3 sites are aware of the problems. I do not know when the downloads will be available again. I believe some things were going to be updated, although I do not know in which Artifex packages. The downloads are also very large, so it is also being decided the best way to handle them.

Well, that sucks! I really wanted to download Arabian Nights!  :sick


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