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Downloading Help!!! (Thank You To All Who Helped Me Fix The Problem!)

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I know I help you guys find your hidden files and help with other stuff, but now it's my turn to ask for your help! Okay, so I make my hidden files visible, and I follow the directions Yellowrose suggested, and I download stuff off the internet from the official website (which I did when I first got the game),but I don't have a Zoo Tycoon File or a downloads file. So I went on ZT2's website, and you know how you can download the addax for free and all you have to do is download it, not put it in the file itself, well it said I don't even have the game in my PC. I have all the expansions to ZT2 and I followed all the criteria they asked for, but it won't do it. I can play the game and it runs normally, and I even installed the Jurassic park Pack from Mysterious Map Marvels (MMM) with no problems and the expansion works properly. And I know how to put in downloads and get there, I just don't have the files I need! Please help me, and give me advice or at least tell me the problem. I REALLY want more downloads. I am sooo  :wacko! This is super  :angry! And  :sick! I would greatly appreciate it.  :ty


I do not have ZT2, but it sounds like it matters what order the expansion packs are installed, as seen in the last posts of these 2 topics:;wap2

Of those 2 topics, the order in the first one makes more sense to me, because I believe that was the order that the expansion packs were released. There might also be problems based on which version of MS Windows is being used. Good luck and happy Zoo Tycooning.

I don't think it was windows, so it must be the order. First I installed the Zoo Tycoon 2 Zookeeper collection (which is Zoo Tycoon 2, Endangered Animals, and African Adventure all in one game) then I downloaded Extinct Animals, and finally Marine Mania. I though of uninstalling and reinstalling the game, but my little sister who's nine plays on this too and I completed too many campains, if I uninstall, I would get rid of all of the things I completed and get ride of both my sisters and my zoos. To me it's just not worth it! Please help i'm so  :wacko! Thanks for the info Jay! :ty It sorta gives me an idea on how this happens, but will I EVER be able to put in downloads from Zoo Admin with this problem? Anyone else have any ideas on how to help? -czajenstar1

Boss Jacob:
I think I know how to solve your "Can't delete the game because of the zoo's we've made will be deleted", have you tried this. (Note!!!! This is for Windows, I only know the solution for Windows and Windows 7)
Ok, go to My Computer, Local Disk (Mine is C:),Documents and Settings, Your User Name, Application Data, Microsoft Games, Zoo Tycoon 2, there should be a folder/s there, each one has four folders (I believe), one of them will be named "Saved", go into there and your games will be there, copy and paste your "Saved Games" to the desktop or a Flash Drive (Best to be safe with a Flash Drive), and when/if you uninstall, put the games back into it's rightfull folder again and it will be there. Hope this helped, any more questions, go ahead, ask, I'd be happy to help!  :roll (Where I can)  ;)

THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I've had this problem for ages now! I'll try it! Hope it works!  :ty :ty :ty  But what do I do with all of the senarios I completed. Will I lose those and all the objects I unlocked? Cause I put those objects in pratically all my games, would I get a game crash or a glitch while playing the saved game?


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