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Downloading Help!!! (Thank You To All Who Helped Me Fix The Problem!)

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All the objects will be available all the time.  I suggest that you keep your completed scenarios. When you purchase a new computer and load ZT on that computer, you will have to start all over and play the scenarios again. When you save the files, you can just open them to complete the scenarios.

So your saying I can still have all my completed senarios in saved files on my computer, and put them back in the game after I reinstall the game and I can still have all my objects?  :wacko Or that I have to complete the senarios over again to get my objects?  :wacko And all the saved games of the completed senarios where accidently deleted, how would I be able to save them?

Boss Jacob:
Here's how I sum it up, you'll still have your saved games, but as for the scenarios you had completed, you will have to start over on those, but on the Downloads Section of Zoo Admin, there are some 99% finished tutorials that you can download, and I will be putting mine up shortly, and I would be happy to help out with trying to complete the scenarios, which pack do you have again?
(F.Y.I. not that you cared, but my username is not mine, it's my alias, I'm a female)  :? :? :? ;)

I GET IT NOW! Thank you "Boss Jacob" and everyone else that helped! By the way I have all the Zoo Tycoon 2 Expansions (Listed Above). I'll always remember your help, and I can't wait to play ZT2 with all these cool new downloadable animals!  :ty :ty :za :ty :ty

Boss Jacob:
Sure, I LOVE helping, if you need any more help, PM me, I'll see what I can do.   :U1


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