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Penguino's Animal Immortality Hack


I have Penguino's Animal Immortality Hack but my animals are still dying of old age why is that?

I will ask around and see what I can find out.

Thanks fern I'd appreciate it

I do not use hacks, so I cannot talk about this hack from experience with it. But I can talk about the hack in general terms. It is meant to work only with animals that come with ZT or one of its expansions. It will not work for user made animals. Being a hack, it cannot work with other hacks for the same animals. For example, it cannot work at the same time with Penguino's Animal Attractiveness Hack or one of the Easy Animal Hacks. As the download description says, when used, animalimmortality.ztd should be in the dlupdate folder and not the Updates folder, especially if you have an animalsa.ztd file in the Updates folder, which there will be if you have CC. The hack sets the death chance to 0 for the animals that come with ZT and its expansions. But, as the download description says, the animals could die for other reasons. For example, predators can still kill prey.


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