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I am planning on changing all of the view bonuses for the animals in Zoo Tycoon 2 and in every expansion. I am looking for large amounts of people willing to contribute their opinions on how interesting they feel the animals are, I am asking you to list as many animals as you care to that are found in the game (no user content) and give them a score of 1-100 in how cool/exciting you think they are. This is for all expansions!!! I am only asking this because my opinions on what I would be excited to see may be biased. Also maybe you would include how much money you would donate (between $25 and $200) to each animal if you had unlimited money and based on how exciting you find them! please help me out with this, I plan on making the files public once completed!

ZT2 is dead, sorry.

If you want to join a cool place though, go here: http://coffee-house.co.cc/index/

It is active and we do a lot of fun things!

They might not be making any more expansions, but a lot of people still play it.  I hope to be one of them, once I have enough money saved up.

I tried to get back... it didn't work.

Zirconia Wolf:
As one who still has ZT2 installed (even though I haven't played it much recently) I don't think of it as being anymore or less "dead" than than many of the other games I cling to forever. It may not be "alive" insofar as new EPs or massive amounts of new user content, but so long as there is still modding info & other such stuff lurking around the 'net, it still has a "pulse" of some sort. I'm still trying to find the last bits of info I need regarding the life spans/ reproduction stats that I need to make my own critter mods, but then I'm also a diehard Sims 2 player/modder so maybe I'm just a sucker for games other people have abandoned...or games with "2" in their titles!


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