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Missing Cats for Scenerios

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I downloaded the scenerios made by Planet Kitty and some of the cats that are needed are not there.
Do you have the following cats by Planet Kitty
North American Lynx
Spanish Lynx
White Serval
White Cheetah
White Jaguar
White Lion
White Leopard


I don't know if this site has anything anymore... it's pretty rundown.

You should PM Fern---she might know where to find them

I will look into it and sort something out.
Unfortunately I don't have permissions to do anything at the ZAZT1 site anymore.

To adam1990 - ZA still has two downloads areas with lots of files. Unfortunately it never managed to get everything reloaded after the big server crash just after they left the ogresnet addy. Most staff moved on and there was just me doing it and I have only a limited amount of time.

Links to the missing files are here


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