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release animal into wild problem plz help !!


Hi ....
I have azoo tycoon 2 unlimited collection game
so the problem is when i try to release animal into wild and click on the helicopter icon the game just close to the disctop
without any masseg just close\
plz help me

Do you have any downloads/user created items in the game???  It's possible one is causing a problem

yes i have a downloads in my game
so how can i fix that problem??

If it is a download that's causing the problem, it should fix itself when the download is removed from the folder.  But to know for sure, take all of the downloads out of the folder and then try to release an animal and see if it happens again.  If it doesn't crash, add the downloads back in one by one, testing after putting each one in the folder.  That way you'll be able to identify which one is causing the problem.

Good luck!!!


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