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Six Template Pack Maps
« on: March 26, 2008, 02:12:55 PM »
Six Template Pack Maps

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Author: Artemis

Category: ZT2 Maps

Date Added: December, 2006

Size: 1.18 MB

Compatibility: ZT2 + ES

Description: This pack contains six freeform template maps on which you can build your zoos. Five are completely blank, flat, featureless expanses ideal for grid-based zoos and for starting from scratch. The sixth contains six exhibit spaces clearly marked out and a handsome entrance already built.

None of these zoos should be used by anyone who likes to keep track of money and time in Freeform. Both have been ignored in the creation of these zoos.

01 - Small Grassland
02 - Small Desert
03 - Small Rainforest
04 - Small Tundra
05 - Large Grassland
06 - Large Grassland Entrance (6 exhibits, entrance, viewing areas; requires ES)

Download Here
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